Man using a weed whacker to edge his lawn.

How to use a weed whacker without whacking yourself (a nervous beginner’s guide)

Are you a weed-whacking novice and nervous about edging your lawn for the first time? First, don’t panic. A weed whacker (weed eater, string trimmer) is not an uncontrollable doomsday machine. It’s basically just a long stick that spins a strip of plastic really fast. This post will prepare you to use a weed whacker…

paint rollers making green, red, orange, and blue stripes down a white wall

Paint and primer: What’s the difference and why does it matter?

Oh, jeez, here we go again. The difference between primer and paint. There’s so much misinformation circulating, it’s hard to determine who’s right and who’s wrong. Some say priming isn’t necessary. Some say there’s no difference, that primer is a kind of paint. (WRONG!) Some say you can use old paint as a primer. (Also…

man in gas mask spraying chemicals

7 Natural, effective ways to keep pests out of your garden without chemical pesticides

It’ll be time to start planting soon, and you may be wondering how you’re going to keep aphids, cutworms, and other pests out of your garden. Chemical pesticides are starting to fall out of favor as organic gardeners revive old chemical-free methods that have always worked. Specifically, there are seven safe and effective alternatives we’ll…

Old door with peeling paint in several colors

3 Easy, effective ways to remove old paint and varnish from repurposed wood

Every self-respecting DIYer has an idea or two for something they’d like to do with old doors. Maybe you’ve even started clandestinely collecting them in that spot behind the garage you’re hoping no one will discover.  Whether you want to build a corner shelf or a giant door made of doors, you might need to…

Close up of frost on a plant

How to protect your outdoor plants in the winter

The most vulnerable part of a plant during these cold months is the root system. The roots, whose job it is to absorb water and nutrients from the soil and supply the plant with the hydration, vitamins, and minerals it needs to grow stronger, are most susceptible to freezing temperatures and the cellular destruction they cause.

garbage bags in front of a graffitoed wall

4 Places to check for bad smells in the kitchen

Bad smells in the kitchen can sometimes make everyday activities like cooking and cleaning feel like traversing the Bog of Eternal Stench. Do you have nasty odors hiding in your kitchen even though you’ve (supposedly) cleaned it?

How to use a color wheel to choose a harmonious color scheme

If you don’t trust yourself with color decisions, choosing a color scheme for your rooms can seem like more work than actually painting. Don’t forget, though, that color experts have been working on these issues for centuries. You don’t need to figure it out for yourself — artistic and scientific people have done that for you by inventing the color wheel to show color relationships.

Lemons make a great disinfectant.

Everything you need to make your own cleaning products

With just a few basic ingredients, most of which you probably already have, you can make your own cleaning products for any surface in your home. They’re eco-friendly and just as effective at killing germs as any commercial chemical cleaner.