What to do if your refrigerator is ugly

Refrigertor with magnets
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Do you have a butt-ugly fridge that’s ruining all your efforts to make your kitchen look nice?

It can be so frustrating to have to design around an ugly appliance because you can’t afford to replace it yet. Maybe you’re struggling to ignore the color while planning the color scheme you want.

But what if it’s something you can fix yourself? The first step is to diagnose the problem.

What’s making your fridge look like someone beat it with an ugly stick?

Common causes of refrigerator ugliness

It’s a putrid color.

Did you inherit an avocado green fridge from your house’s prior owners? If the color is the problem, the only thing you can do about that is replace your fridge. Or cover it with novelty bumper stickers. It’s not like you can paint a fridge, right?

Actually, you can. Here’s how to paint your fridge.

It has dents or scratches.

Good news. Depending on the material your fridge is made of, you might be able to fix the dents yourself.

If it has bad scratches where something gouged through the finish, you might be able to fill in the scratches with epoxy.

Your dog colored on it with crayons.

At least, that’s what your child says. But you know your dog’s favorite color is not cornflower blue.

You already have everything you need at home to remove crayon marks, so let the cleaning power of vinegar do the work for you.

There’s an unsightly gap around your fridge.

Maybe you never even considered the gap because you’re so used to seeing one. Maybe it just seems so normal you’ve never considered the gap before.

But now that you’re thinking about it, try to imagine if the gap weren’t so big. Or, even better, there was a way to cover it and make your kitchen look that much more finished.

Double-door refrigerator with trim

Whoa! That looks professional — almost like an engineer came along and thought there must be something he could do about the gap around his fridge.

What if you could have something that looked like that? But you’d have to hire a contractor and none of them are looking for a job that small, right?

Your job would constantly be reshuffled to the bottom and it would never get done.

Refrigerator Trim Kits makes the trim. You install it

It’s easy — all you have to do is a little measuring. So grab your tape measure and a pad of paper. It’s time to answer a few questions.

The Refrigerator Trim Kits quiz

Answering these questions will tell you if Refrigerator Trim Kits has a solution for you.

  1. Is your fridge one of these colors?
    1. “Bright” stainless steel
    2. Black stainless steel
  2. Does it have one or two doors?
  3. What’s your project type?
    1. Remodel
    2. New construction
    3. Existing cabinet and fridge
    4. Replace existing built-ins
  4. Now measure the gaps on the top and both sides and write this down for later.

Based on your answers, Refrigerator Trim Kits might be able to help. Take our online quiz with the answers you just wrote down to find out.

How it works


We make an array of products you can mix and match to meet your needs.

Maybe the gaps on the sides are narrow and you only need trim for the top. You can order just the top trim. Got a wide fridge with double doors? No problem.

If your quiz results hook you up with a trim kit we make, you’ve already done the hard part. The rest is easy. Just order the kit.

It’ll take a week or two to complete your order, depending on the complexity of your project and our production capacity.

We deliver by USPS and UPS, and shipment usually takes 2-4 days.

Installation is simple. You need about 15 minutes and some basic tools. Your kit will come with detailed instructions explaining every step.

So what are you waiting for? Your kitchen will look so much more finished than you ever thought it could, and your guests will be so impressed that you did it yourself.

Take a look at our trim kits and see how we can help you with that today.

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